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December 14, 2016
Presence Through Motion

VizMove Walking VR is a complete hardware and software solution with everything you need to create and experience interactive wide-area walking virtual reality applications. VizMove is well suited for a broad range of applications including design visualization, architectural walk-throughs, industrial training, and behavioral research.

  • Immerse yourself in a wide-area walking environment with full freedom of movement.
  • Move at scale through the virtual world with high-precision tracking for both head and hands.
  • Interact and navigate intuitively with position-tracked wireless controller.
VizMove Walking VR Core Features

Development Ready: Pre-configured system has everything you need to create sophisticated VR applications.

Scalable: Cost-effectively expands to meet all of your VR requirements. Add eye tracking, biofeedback devices, haptic devices and more.

Vizard: Rapidly create a wide range of immersive 3D experiences with the most powerful, innovative virtual reality development platform.

Interactivity: Interact and navigate virtual worlds as you would in the real world, through movement.

Wide-area Motion Tracking: Walk, jump, crouch, and even run through the virtual environment at a 1:1 scale with the physical world. Experience complete presence and full immersion.


System Components

Lenovo ThinkStation: Certified by WorldViz for optimal performance and rendering of VR applications

Vizard: Everything you need to build complete, interactive VR applications.

VR Headset: System includes a state of the art VR headset. VizConnect allows you to output to all standard VR hardware.

PPT Motion Tracking System: High precision motion tracking. 4 sensor wide-area walking system includes tracking for both head and hands.

3D Monitor, Keyboard, Mouse and Cables: Includes all necessary accessories.


Why VR?

Virtual reality is revolutionizing how we interact with information. Save time while improving communication between designers, engineers, and management teams. WorldViz technology solves problems across a wide range of industries with applications ranging from design visualization and industrial training to interactive education and scientific research.


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