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March 15, 2016

Techpacker is an online tool to create ‘techpacks’ for the fashion industry, simplifying the collaboration and communication between manufacturers and designers. The name ‘Techpacker’ is taken from a common fashion industry term called tech-pack. A tech-pack is like a bible of a design. These are a set of documents that a designer prepares for a factory to clearly describe their designs so the factory can turn them into a sample. Typically a tech-pack requires a lot of data-entry, which designers hate. Techpacker is a birth of new style of fashion PLM (product lifecycle management). It’s a web application that simplifies and makes the process of creating tech-packs visual. It turns the boring document into powerful organizing and working together tool saving 40% of quality problems and 32% in development lead-time for fashion products. It easily manages all components of a style such as fabrics, threads or measurements with an innovative card system so everything related goes in one place.

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  • DESIGNERS SHOULD DESIGN  – Turn those boring documents into fun and easy to re-use cards. Techpacker ® reduces Data Entry by 70% with it’s innovative CARD technology. Now you get more time doing creative stuff.
  • GET APPROVALS FASTER – Everyone from pattern makers and factories can contribute early with Techpacker’s advanced collaboration that has made sharing comments, images and documents like a BREEZE. No more email searchings.
  • QUICK PDF CREATION – Get rid of painful spreadsheets and ugly, outdated softwares. Techpacker has everything you need and with the click of just one button, generates a PDF in a format that factory understands.

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