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March 15, 2016

Sensbeat represents a new way of expressing your moments, with music. We believe music tells a story and that a song will never be the same – the situation, the emotion – makes all the difference.

It provides a platform to share what we call a ‘beat’ (hence ‘sense’ a ‘beat’) on this app and surpasses the function of a music-sharing platform: it leverages the power of music and connects people through a universal language. Hence, Sensbeat upholds the mission to share and connect feelings with music.

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Sensbeat’s current features:

– Share emotion with music and photo
– Provide recommendations based on the emotion
– See the popular beats among users
– View timeline and story of yourself and your friends’

More interesting things are coming in weeks. We can’t wait to bring them to Sensbeat. Let’s share the sound of our heartbeats!

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