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November 16, 2016

Schedule the studio for your video now.

Welcome to Ding Ding TV studio, let us create your video.
Videos are worth thousands words, more than 90% of internet traffic are videos. But not everyone is professional videographers. So how do you create videos for your marketing and sales efforts?
Ding Ding TV video studio located in Santa Clara, center of Silicon Valley.
We have quality HD cameras and extensive lighting systemWith our 3-D virtual studio system. , you’ll find yourself in Anywhere You Can Dream!
We’ll help you to create high quality, low cost professional videos. That will save your money and your time.
Besides creating your video, Ding Ding TV also help you with content marketing, distribute your video to target professional audience globally.  As an entrepreneur, we understand your needs.
1. Why creating this video?
You know your market and what the goal should be. We’ll help you Figure out what the message you want to deliver and transform your thoughts into video.
2. How to do it?
With so many styles to choose from, we’ll help you to find out which one fits your company and brand?  Your audience is a key factor in video production.
3. How long will this take?
Depending on how complicate your project is, production can last few months. With the professional team, We can create the professional video within an hour. Yes, one hour!
4. How many videos you need?
We’ll work with you to find out how much information you need to deliver, if you have a big story to tell with lots of information, we’ll suggest to cut to smaller pieces and  making a series of videos. 
5. What is your budget?
Videos productions are expensive and prices can be very different. We can create professional videos to meet your budget. Could be less than $300 each.
Call: 408-244-8883 for any questions 

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