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March 14, 2016

atCipher Drive is a multi-cloud storage power tool that is designed to keep your files safe in the cloud.
With the convenience of modern day cloud technology, people can access and share their files on the go; however, with convenience comes risk. atCipher Drive protects your data before you upload it to your cloud storage service. Data at rest in the cloud is protected at all times. This way, no unauthorized third parties, such as your cloud storage service, any ill-intentioned cyber-attackers, or even atCipher, can ever gain access to your files. atCipher Drive then allows its users to share these encrypted files with other atCipher users easily and securely.

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When you upload a file to the cloud, you’re uploading it to the internet, and no cloud storage provider can guarantee your information’s safety from malicious cyber attacks. Whether you’re an individual storing your tax return or your bank account information, or a graphic designer working with a team and sharing a client’s sensitive information, your data could be at risk. atCipher Drive helps you to safeguard your data when using cloud storage.

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Most cloud storage providers use server-side protection, meaning that all of the information you need to access your files is stored in the public domain protected by username and password access. Modern encryption techniques have made it impossibly difficult to brute force decrypt an encrypted file without a key, and as a result most security breaches occur during the sharing or accessing of these keys. Fun fact: an attacker using brute force method to crack AES 128-bit encryption would take 318 billions of billions of years on the fastest supercomputer in the world.

Every time you upload, access, or share a file using atCipher Drive, your key is recreated, meaning that at no point is it ever stored anywhere. This eliminates the possibility of anyone ever having access to your key and therefore your data, other than yourself and the people you have authorized.

Furthermore, this also means that atCipher Drive will have true zero knowledge of your data, keys, and password at all times. We cannot decrypt your information even if we were asked. atCipher Drive has excellent security standards; we regularly monitor our networks, and pass self-imposed penetration tests to make sure that we are providing quality security. However, even if someone did manage to breach our security, they would still not have access to any of your information because there is simply nothing to steal. Our method of regenerating your keys upon request ensures your privacy at all times in all circumstances.

atCipher does accomplishes this using a cryptographic algorithm known as Identity-Based Conditional Proxy Re-Encryption in combination with a highly scalable cloud-based secure key management system.

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