80edays China Team Arrived At Milpitas City Hall On July 6

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News Date: July 12, 2016

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July 12, 2016

Andrew Yi Zong 80-days eTours Arrived at Milpitas City Hall

Chinese entrepreneur Andrew Yi Zong arrived in Silicon Valley on July 7th. On the way of his 80edays Challenge to drive around the world in electric vehicles in 80 days, Silicon Valley is not his first stop but one of his most important stops, because Silicon Valley is the center of creation in U.S. and also in the world. Together with Silicon Valley Innovation Channel DingDing TV, Andrew Yi Zong and his team visited Milpitas City Hall. Milpitas is a city located in the Silicon Valley, within it are corporate headquarters of SanDisk, Tencor and many other large companies.

Mayor Jose Esteves warmly welcomed DingDing TV and Andrew Yi Zong’s team. Firstly, Andrew Yi Zong did a presentation to share his trip with everyone. Then, Economic Development Manager Edesa Bitbadal gave a brief introduction of Milpitas. The mayor of Milpitas Jose Esteves presented award to the team leader Andrew Yi Zong and the media planner Ming Lee for their effort in supporting Silicon Valley multicultural community event, being the pioneer of innovation and protecting the environment through this green global tour. At last, mayor Jose Esteves gave Andrew Yi Zong a golden key to welcome him to visit Milpitas City again.






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