Tandy Tan

Job Title : Founder & CEO of Realmax Technology Limited

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March 31, 2017

Mr.Tandy Tan
Founder & CEO of Realmax Technology Limited
Mr. Tan graduated from Hong Kong Polytechnic University with master degree in Electronic and Information Engineering. With over 10 years of AR technology related experiences, Tandy owns variety of patented technologies in different countries. He had been working as senior engineer in competitive IT enterprises in Japan, Taiwan and Hong Kong, specialized in developing image processing and pattern recognition applications. He developed high speed media image processing engine  and AR engine, and successfully implemented to commercial products.
Realmax Technology Limited was founded by Mr. Tan in 2013, and was successfully enrolled into Hong Kong Science Park Incu-Tech Programme in January 2014. Now Realmax is dedicating AR technology and its application and owns over 150 employees globally.

  • : Founder & CEO of Realmax Technology Limited
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