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March 15, 2016

Praveen Gupta has been a recognized Operational Excellence expert prior to pursuing excellence in innovation, making it a learned skill. Praveen pioneered implementation of Six Sigma at Motorola. Based on his extensive research in personal and organizational environments, Praveen has developed a new framework of innovation for the 21st century, and developed curriculums for teaching innovation in academia and industry. He has been a Visiting Lecturer for teaching Innovation for Engineers at University of Illinois, Chicago, and Adjunct Industry Professor for teaching Business Innovation at School of Applied Technology, Illinois Institute of Technology, Chicago, where he was also founding Director of Center for Innovation Science and Applications.


Praveen has developed Breakthrough Innovation (Brinnovation) framework and TEDOC methodology for innovation, tools for idea generation, measures of innovation, and roadmap for creating a culture of innovation. Praveen’s approach to innovation is equally applicable to developing solutions in service or product environment. Praveen has authored many books including Business Innovation in the 21st Century, The Innovation Solution, and Global Innovation Science Handbook, which received an Honorable Mention for The Prose Award in 2015. He was founding Editor-in-Chief of International Journal of Innovation Science (2008), and The Startup Edge (2014). He became a Fellow of ASQ in 1996.


Praveen is a Quality and Innovation expert for the enterprise and startup space Praveen is founder and President of Accelper Consulting, a boutique Management Consulting firm., He taught Operations Management for MBA program at DePaul University. He worked at Motorola, AT&T Bell Labs and Prysm, and consulted with about 100 small to large firms. He is a frequent speaker internationally on topics of excellence and innovation. Praveen can be reached at


  • : EventERP Advisor, Corporate Quality Director
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