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Job Title : Engineering Management, Software Product Development, Technology Innovation

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April 4, 2017

* Advanced Technology Director: Manage teams, labs, project leaders and brilliant individuals for Autodesk and Adobe in virtual reality (VR), security, media, graphics, signal processing and programming systems; technology transfers, products, publications and patents.

* Engineering Manager: Responsible for software development (programming, QA, doc, release, support) products and services at Symbolics, Software Publishing Corp, Electrogig BV, McAfee Associates and Sonic Solutions. Social media, discovery, search, algorithms and data services for web site with over 300 million worldwide users for Managed hardware groups at Symbolics Inc. and Electrogig BV. Certified Scrum Master.

* Software Developer, Architect: Write production code in Java, C++, Lisp, assembly and firmware. Also coded in JavaScript, Python, Ruby-on-Rails, PHP and others. Work product deployed from super-computers to PCs, devices, enterprises, high-traffic web sites, RESTful software services (eg LAMP, SQL/nonSQL, SaaS) and clouds (Amazon EC2/S3). Domain-driven design, architecture and evolution of complex systems products across multiple releases (Symbolics, Siebel, start-ups).

* Scientist, Researcher, Hacker: Staff at top research sites (Stanford, MIT, Xerox PARC). Published in signal processing and math journals (JAES, MAA, CMJ, JIS etc). Trustee of math foundation; my Erdös number is 3. Prototyped original Apple Macintosh. Organize Tech Forums, public professional programs, Hackers conferences.

* Professional: Worked at all scales from start-ups to Fortune 50. Led teams of ~30+ reports, with site-scale responsibility for larger units (~70+) with international teams (Europe, Asia). Reported to C-level in four public companies (Symbolics, Autodesk, McAfee and Sonic Solutions) plus other CEOs, VPs and General Managers. Enjoy working with marketing, sales, product managers, consulting clients, customers and stakeholders.

Specialties: Wherever innovative technology yields key value: product design, artificial intelligence, modeling, analytics, optimization, signal processing, machine learning, data science, system architecture, enterprise scale systems, process & workflow management, business, financial & decision support, end-user tools, consumer shrink-wrap & web apps, educational products, search, semantics, media, metadata, 3D graphics, animation, social media & discovery, cloud computing & high-traffic public web sites.

  • : Engineering Management, Software Product Development, Technology Innovation
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