Erica Huang

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March 31, 2017

Huang is the founder of the Shanghai Zhangjiang Incubator, a member of the SPD Silicon Valley Bank Business Advisory Council, and one of the founders of the Shanghai Entrepreneur Cradle Plan. In 2013, Huang took the honor of Pudong Economic Figure of the year, the first person to receive the name. She was also elected technological innovation leader of the year 2016 and pioneer innovator in 2017.

Huang has accrued over 16 years of professional experience in the areas of investment, marketing, business development, high-tech park management, the management of incubator and entrepreneurship service platforms, etc. The market value of startups she has helped nurture to-date is an accumulative RMB 50 billion. During her career, she has provided professional guidance, training and startup services to over 1,000 high-tech enterprises as well as assisted in the application of nearly 1,000 patents. She has also helped various enterprises to obtain over 600 IP licenses, as well as, nearly 100 entrepreneurs to be selected for the Chinese government’s “Recruitment Program of Global Experts”(also known as the “Thousand Talents Plan”). Huang, who is familiar with both domestic and international principles of incubator management, was the first in China to propose a through-train incubator operations process and to implement the concept subsequently. She has established what is a leading provider of entrepreneurship services in China, significantly enhancing the effectiveness of enterprise incubation in the process.

Techcode is a professional firm that focuses on incubator management and operations and growth trends in the tech and venture areas. The company seeks to become a leading brand in entrepreneurship worldwide and to transcend time and spatial limits to create a “Startups Nation” on a global scale. By Nov 25, 2016, Techcode has incubated 534 enterprises in the world, raised 171 million yuan, won an assessed value of 37.5 billion yuan, created 644 intellectual properties, and provided more than 3,100 jobs in a wide range of industries including mobile internet, intelligent hardware, O2O, energy conservation and environment protection, high-end semi-conductor, AI, healthcare and biomedicine. Focusing on the core values of globalization, professionalization, commercialization and industrialization, Techcode has been committed to attracting top-class resources to our global platform, accelerates technology transfer process and benefit China’s economic transition in return.

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