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Job Title : Founder & CEO of Silicon Valley Innovation Channel — Ding Ding TV

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April 15, 2016

Founder & CEO of Silicon Valley Innovation Channel — Ding Ding TV – 1st Chinese American Internet TV, focus on high tech and innovation. Santa Clara County Asian American Hero award winner, Founder & CEO of Silicon Valley Food & Art Festival. Award-winning and innovative Program Director, radio and television personality. She’s been working in High Tech company as a manager before she started her media career . Created more than 4000 TV shows during her media career. Created the first Chinese TV show covers Innovation and high-tech in Northern California “Innovation Dialog”, Created the first reality television show Battle Silicon in Northern California, serves as a bridge between the business environments of the United States and China. both won the most distinguished TV show of 2012 and best TV show of 2013 from NCCMA. She invited speaker and host of prestigious community galas. Diana is the Board member of Santa Clara Chamber of Commerce and International Convention Bureau, 2014 Vice president of Northern California Chinese Media Association.

Honors & Awards
2015: Business of the Year 2015, from Santa Clara Chamber of Commerce.
2014: Best News Report- 2014 World AG Expo, from NCCMA.
2014: Excellent New Media Content – Adventure of Career, from NCCMA.
2013: Best TV show- Battle Silicon, from NCCMA.
2013: Best New media video – Silicon Valley Story, from NCCMA.
2012: Best New media video – Diana & Maggie time, from NCCMA.
2012: Excellent TV show- Innovation Dialog from NCCMA.
2006: Awarded as Asian American Hero from Santa Clara County.
2005: Honored as Best Radio Program from N. California Chinese Media Association
2003: Won first prize SingTao Chinese Radio DJ competition.

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