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Job Title : CEO of Beijing Battletimes Technology Co. Ltd.

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March 12, 2016

Allan Lee , CEO of Battletimes Technology Co. Ltd. and the founder of WVA(World Virtual Arena) – the first VR eSports competition in the world.


Industrial Background:
2016 built a branch in Silicon Valley, marking the company’s globalization.
2015 founded Battletimes Technology Co. Ltd in Beijing. and successfully hosted the world’s first VR eSports competition – WVA 2015.
2014   was appointed as the Vice President and CSO of AntVR – the first VR HDM company in China. Later in that year, AntVR received investment of 10 million dollars from Sequoia Capital.
2013   King Kong Games was listed on the Three New Board (China’s share transfer system for medium and small sized companies).
2012   joined King Kong Games and acted as Vice President and led the group to develop Jianzong (Chinese name: 剑踪) and several other hot 3D Webgames.
2007   Flame Games received an acquisition offer of 30 million Chinese yuan from Perfect World. Afterwards the company was acquired by China Fire & Security Group with value of assessment of 50 million.
2004   launched online game Soul Online (Chinese name: 魂 OL). The number of concurrent players reached 20 000 and the annual return exceeded 10 million. In October, Soul Online signed with France and became the first Chinese game that was exported to Europe. In the meantime, the game achieved a gold award from the Ministry of China.
1999   entered the game industry and founded Flame Games.

  • : CEO of Beijing Battletimes Technology Co. Ltd.
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