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Vallco Mall Construction Press Release

Organized by : Sand Hill Property Co.
12:00 AM - 26-Oct-2016
Cupertino Vallco Mall


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October 31, 2016
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The two initiatives that qualified for the Nov. 8 ballot have been given their ballot designations.

The Cupertino Citizens Sensible Growth Initiative, which aims to slow growth in the city and put some development decisions in the hands of voters, has been dubbed Measure C, while the Vallco Town Center Initiative, which seeks to redevelop the Vallco Mall into the mixed-use The Hills at Vallco, is Measure D.

Fierce campaigning has already begun with the letters in mind. Members of the Better Cupertino group, which supports Measure C, sent out an email declaring that “C” is for “citizens” and “D” is for “developer.”

Judy Wilson, a Measure D proponent, said the decision in November will be important for the future of the city.

“By voting no on Measure C and yes on Measure D, Cupertino residents will choose a vibrant future for our community,” she said in a press statement. “Measure D will bring something for … Cupertino residents to enjoy and only make our city even better than it already is.”

The ballot designations come a week after a Santa Clara County Superior court judge denied the petition for writ of mandate filed by the Committee Supporting Cupertino Citizen’s Sensible Growth Initiative, effectively affirming that Measure C will raise building heights in neighborhoods to 45 feet, a decision Measure C supporters passionately oppose. The group filed an appeal, which was denied this week.

Meanwhile, Sand Hill Property Co., which owns Vallco Shopping Mall, has turned a portion of the mall into a campaign zone. The company has set up large informational signs in the lower-level rotunda of the mall near the AMC movie theater explaining the company’s vision for Vallco.

“We’ve been observing people since we put this signage up, and there’s a lot of people that come over and take the time to read everything,” said Reed Moulds, managing director of Sand Hill Property Co. “It’s been a pretty good way unobtrusively to get people to take a look at what’s going on as they’re going about their day.”

In addition, the company has opened an exhibit space which includes live plants, a wine bar and vineyard as an example of what would appear on The Hill’s touted green roof. There is also a makeshift amphitheater where visitors can watch a video about The Hills project.


– Article from The Mercury News, for more detail, click here.

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