Indiana University — Data Science Summer Camp 2016 — Bay Area

Time: August 12th, 2016

Location: 2055 Laurelwood Road, Suite 210, Santa Clara, CA 95054

One of our goals is creating strong connections between students and industry. We think it is critical to the development of future leaders, and Indiana University’s unique Data Science Program aims to build a bridge of collaboration and connections between the Midwest and the Bay Area.

IU’s Data Science Program will be holding a one-day Summer Camp Aug. 12 in Santa Clara, Calif., in which invited industry leaders will give talks in the morning. The afternoon will be filled with a student poster session to display what they have learned, created, and developed using their data science skills. A mini job fair will also provide the opportunity for employers to meet with potential employees.

The Data Science Program at IU provides a rare learning opportunity and a place for students to thrive through its breadth of coverage, world-leading faculty, strong industry links with career services, and with options for online or in-residence programs. Our courses are created and taught by faculty who are international leaders in their fields, and innovative partnerships with IU’s world-renowned Kelley School of Business and the top ranked School of Public and Environmental Affairs allows students to apply data science principles to business, public policy, and public health. Access to high-performance computing also allows students to gain experience not offered at other institutions.

We work closely with industry leaders to identify and teach the skills most demanded by today’s technology. The School of Informatics and Computing is leading the way in the next generation of computing with areas of expertise as diverse as complex systems, health informatics, high performance computing, networks and visualization, and bioinformatics.

The Indiana University Data Science Program is a 30-credit hour master degree program. The program is flourishing. For fall 2016, the program will feature more than 500 online and residential students—many with other graduate degrees or MBA’s and five or more years of work experience—comprising an eclectic mix of voices and talent.

Indiana University Bloomington is a major public research university with more than 2,000 faculty and over 45,000 students. The beautiful campus hosts 110 research centers and institutes, as well as a wide array of distinguished academic departments and schools. IU is renowned for its high-performance computing and networking facilities, top-ranked music school, and performing and fine arts. Located in the wooded, rolling hills of southern Indiana, Bloomington is a culturally thriving college town with a moderate cost of living and the amenities for an active lifestyle.

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  • : Location: 2055 Laurelwood Road, Suite 210, Santa Clara, CA 95054
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