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[Full Day Workshop] Virtual Reality Film – Sound Design in VR

Organized by : VR Film Meetup
9:30 AM - 21-Jan-2017
Pyramind Studios 832 Folsom St San Francisco, CA 94107
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December 15, 2016




VR Headsets do a pretty good job of tricking our eyes, but they mostly ignore our ears. We’ve partnered with Pyramind and Dysonics, a premier media school and sound technology company, to workshop how to tell incredible stories and create immersive visuals through sound.

In our full day workshop, create your own immersive 3D/360 soundscapes for VR video! We promised you hands-on and you’re going to get it. Walk away with your very own, unique 360 video, complete with positional audio and 360 soundscapes.

Taught by some of the leading experts in the field, you’ll become an overnight success in VR sound design, and come away with an entirely new toolset for telling your VR story.

Workshop Curriculum Overview:

Each Participant will create their own 3D audio and video scene by the end of the day.

  • What is HRTF and localized (3D) sound. Overview of state of the industry and available toolsets.
  • Location Sound Recording and Capture: Lavalier (Lav), Shotgun, Ambisonic, and Binaural microphones
  • Format Conversions (ambisonic A vs B format) and res down video content for working in Pro Tools.
  • Introduction to DAW Basics using Pro Tools: Importing dialogue and ambient field recordings. Discuss similarities to standard film post, and present and review pre-configured spotting session.
  • SFX Selection, Sound Design, Spotting to Picture
  • Effects and Processing chains
  • Syncing Pro Tools and Rondo360 (Dysonics’ spatial audio workstation for VR/360 video)
  • Previewing 360 video in Rondo360 with head tracking
  • Automating Rondo 360 data in Pro Tools
  • Format requirements for exporting based on distribution platform (Facebook, Youtube, Other)
  • Export your 360 audio to video
  • Metadata and uploading requirements

All food and beverages for a day’s worth of work will be provided.

You’ll also have access to awesome VR demos you can play with throughout the day.

Lock your ticket in now before prices go up!

  • : 21/01/2017 09:30
  • : Pyramind Studios 832 Folsom St San Francisco, CA 94107
  • : VR Film Meetup

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