Many young Asian Americans want to become civicleaders, but don’t know how. To address a part of this problem, the CivicLeadership Forum will hold an interactive conference on December 5 to cover howto seek elective office and how to become a judge. In a hands-on, interactiveway, we will teach young Asian Americans who want to seek elective office: (a)how to prepare yourself to be a candidate; (b) how to develop a message (whatyou want to do for your constituents and why you’re the best person to do it);(c) how to build a campaign team; (d) how to raise money; and, (e) how toconduct mass communication with the public, both during the campaign and afteryou’re in office. For those interested in becoming a judge, we will teach howto prepare yourself to be a judge and how to seek a judgeship.

The principal facilitators for the electoral segmentwill be former US Congressman David Wu and (title) (name). The principalfacilitators for the judicial segment will be Judge (name) and (title)(name-hope for Ms. Tom)

  • : 05/12/2015 13:00
  • : San Meteo
  • : Vision New America
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