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A Business Innovation Grand Event: Sino-Korea E-commerce Innovation Summit & ECI Awards Gala

Organized by : ECI Awards Organizing Committee
8:00 AM - 06-Jul-2016
Weihai, Shandong
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July 1, 2016

Sino-Korea E-commerce Innovation Summit & ECI Awards Gala will take place in Weihai, Shandong on July 6th. This event is hosted by International E-Commerce Innovation Association (IECIA) and Business Innovation Committee of China, and organized by ECI Awards Organizing Committee, Weihai Municipal Bureau of Commerce and KOTRA Qingdao. Officials of Weihai Municipal Government and delegates from Korea will address at the Summit & Gala. Hundreds of industry leaders from home and abroad will be gathered together to share their successful experience as well as their insights on global business innovation trends. The Summit will lay a solid foundation for the Sino-Korea cross-border e-commerce cooperation in respect of projects, funding, resources and talents exchange.

Cross-border e-commerce will play an important part in the development of digital business due to global economic integration as well as individuation and differentiation of consumer demand. In recently years, global economy growth has slowed. As the world’s second largest economy, China has undertaken the mission of promoting the economic development of the Asia-Pacific and even the world. By initiating and establishing Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank, and putting forth the economic strategy of One Belt, One Road, China aims to complete strategic planning and layout to withstand risks together and realize common development with neighboring economies.

In 2016, the Chinese government introduced special policies to encourage “Internet plus cross-border e-commerce” and integrate the FTA strategy with retail innovations. Weihai, situated in the key areas along the new Eurasian Land Bridge, is one of China’s most renowned port cities and a maritime strategic fulcrum of One Belt, One Road. With unique conditions for cross-border cooperation, Weihai is home to more than 4,000 foreign companies. In order to further promote the trade between China and Korea, Weihai Municipal Government collaborated with International E-Commerce Innovation Association and Business Innovation Committee of China in holding the 2016 Sino-Korea E-commerce Innovation Summit & ECI Awards Gala where the most innovative entry cases of 2016 ECI Awards with the biggest commercial values will be recognized, to tap the opportunities for cooperation and innovation and build cross-border e-commerce unicorns.

Innovation is the main theme of the Internet era and a catalyst for the evolution of commercial civilization. As an awarding program that celebrates innovations, ECI Awards aims to create an international platform that integrates creativity, technology, commercial values and capital for the new commercial ecosystem. It encourages enterprisers to fully upgrade businesses with new ideas, new inventions and new modes to create more values. Thus the Summit & Gala organized by ECI Awards is winning a wide support from both Chinese and foreign industry leading companies.

Hwang Changu, Vice President of KeyEast Entertainment, will give a keynote speech on Business Innovation strategy in Korean Wave. Recently IP, short for Intellectual Property, has become a keyword in the entertainment and media industry. The fact that Logical Thinking, Never Expected This and Miss Papi go viral means that content based startups have entered into a period of rapid development and prosperity. Since last year, various media have shown that high-quality IP is becoming scarce against the backdrop of excessive entertainment. Korea has always been a source for the spread of Asian entertainment culture. With the trend of IP’s branding and programmatic operation, how can the Korean Wave be creative? How can the KeyEast fully tap the brand values of IP according to different age groups? Do Excessive Entertainment + IP + VR mean more business opportunities for Korean Wave? About the content innovation and the integration of entertainment culture and technology, Hwang Changu has a lot to share…

Which areas will witness the burst of digital business innovations? Genetic technology? AR technology? Internet of things? Industry leaders including Gurpreet Singh, Global VP of GWC Global will have a heated discussion on the New Dynamics of Global Digital Business Innovation.

In addition, the best innovation cases of the 2016 ECI Awards will be presented at the Gala. This is the first time that road show has been introduced into an awards ceremony. And the Grand ECI winner will be announced as the Gala draws to a close.

On July 6, let’s meet in Weihai and honor innovations that define the future!

  • : 06/07/2016 08:00
  • : Weihai, Shandong
  • : ECI Awards Organizing Committee

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