Silicon Valley Entrepreneur Festival, jointly presented by Ding Ding TV, China-US Business Summit, Hanhai Holdings, and Co-hosted by Z Park, TEEC, Acorn Campus and Santa Clara Chamber of Commerce will be held in Santa Clara Convention Center on May 2, 2017. Silicon Valley Entrepreneurs Festival aspires to be not just a successful event, but to be a bridge between East and West, Asia and US, in culture, technology, and ideology.


The Silicon Valley Entrepreneur Festival is a premier platform and networking opportunity for innovators from the United States and Asia. It is anticipated to conference will draw leading innovators, emerging entrepreneurs and investors, famous economists, business decision-makers and media professionals to exchange ideas and shape the future of technology and its applications. The 2017 Festival has lined up more than 20 agencies with over 100 well-known conference speakers. More than 100 start-ups as well as over 200 Chinese mainland enterprises and investors participated. They are some industry leaders and CEOs of recognized enterprises. This year, we are anticipating one thousand people to this annual event. This gathering of great minds will deliver game-changing insights to help entrepreneurs tackle real-world challenges, while featuring the most influential leaders from Asia and US.

  • : 24/03/2017 00:00
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