Past Event

2017 ECI Festival North America

Organized by : ECI Awards, Co-organizer: DINGDING TV
8:20 AM - 03-Aug-2017
Santa Clara Convention Center


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July 28, 2017
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Come to meet with leading innovators, tech-media leaders, emerging entrepreneurs, business decision-makers and digital marketing professionals. 

Silicon Valley First Marketing Innovation Summit connecting China & US.

Location:Santa Clara Convention Center
Get a free ticket with the code:DDTV
  • Lunch included
  • Win a free Jetjat Nano every 30 minutes
The world’s two largest economies revolve around investing, technological innovation, and marketing innovation. ECI Festival North America brings together both Chinese and American pioneers in each of these fields to discuss how best to enter the Chinese market. With the right financing and marketing you can enter into and succeed in both new and existing markets. Through technological exchange companies can further their understanding of global innovative trends and improve US-China integration China’s outstanding companies of 2017 display their latest innovations.
Join us 
If you are a startup
  • You can learn more about the differences in American and Chinese investment trends
  • You can learn more about capital operations and their role in the world market
  • You can learn more about your competitors and market conditions
  • You can learn how to solve common start-up difficulties and develop faster
If you are an established company
  • You can learn the latest marketing trends and ways to boost creativity
  • You can learn how some of the best minds in marketing think
  • You can learn from some of last year’s outstanding cases in marketing
  • You can learn how to market your latest projects
If you are in the media
  • You can learn how the biggest names in Chinese media are analyzing today’s market
  • You can learn new ways to improve your content
  • You can learn how to reach new audiences
  • You can learn about the latest media industry resources
If you are in academia
  • You can experience some of the latest cutting-edge technology
  • You can learn about China’s latest innovations
  • You can network with and learn from some of today’s hottest tech companies
  • You can learn from some of ECI Awards’ past winners and get their keys to success
If you love science and technology
  • You can meet some of today’s hottest tech gurus and rising stars
  • You can get up to date on the latest technology trends
  • You can get inspiration for your next big idea
  • You can see ECI Awards 2017 winning projects
VENUE: Santa Clara Convention Center  DATE: August 3rd
Opening Address
Mayor of Santa Clara: Lisa M. Gillmor
Co-chair of ECI Festival North America: Viveca Chan
Innovation White Paper Launch
2017 ECI Awards Winners
Keynote Speech: Innovations in the New Retail
Keynote Speech: Life-changing Intelligent Voice Analysis
Keynote Speech: Portable Energy Transforms Our Future
Panel Discussion: Different Business Models of Super Apps and Niche Apps
Keynote Speech: How to Discover Potential Unicorns
Keynote Speech: Trends of Innovation Application in the Age of AI
Clint Chao, Co-Founder and General Partner of Moment Ventures
Lunch Break
Keynote Speech: How to Use Virtual Community to Build a Cell Phone Brand Favored by Young Consumers
Keynote Speech: How the New Age of Storytelling and Innovation Intersect
Keynote Speech: From an App Developer to a Phone Maker
Panel Discussion: How to Use Big Data for Precision Marketing
Keynote Speech: The Consumer-Centered Fourth Industrial Revolution
Coffee Break
Keynote Speech: How to Build Your Brand Using the World’s Most Popular Social Media
Keynote Speech: Challenges Facing Brand Service in the Post-Internet Age
WE Group
Panel Discussion: How Should SMEs Attract Attention in Chinese Market
2017 ECI Awards Winners
Keynote Speech: The Marriage of Technology and Creativity
Keynote Speech: How Technology Enhances User-oriented Content
Closing Ceremony
2017 ECI Awarding Ceremony of Global Innovative Leaders

* ECI Awards Committee reserves the right to change the agenda.

  • : 03/08/2017 08:20
  • : Santa Clara Convention Center
  • : ECI Awards| Co-organizer: DINGDING TV
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