Gathering Angel investors, Incubators, Accelerators, Entrepreneurs & Silicon Valley Influentials for Out-of-box Thinking, Yielding Transformative Innovation.
The Silicon Valley Entrepreneur Festival (SV Entrepreneur Festival) is an international event gathering world-leading investors and entrepreneurs throughout Asia, Europe and the USA. American and international investors and mid-stage entrepreneurs will come together to:
  • discuss opportunities and aspirations of the investment community,
  • demonstrate best practices of successful US, Asian and international venture capital investment experiences,
  • share wisdom and insights of successful entrepreneurs.
This objective of SV Entrepreneur Festival is to showcase out-of-box thinking, transformative innovation, and critical breakthroughs in angel investment and entrepreneurship.
Hanhai International investment organization is co-presenting this Festival, along with Ding Ding TV and TEEC. Hanhai Investment Inc. is a business incubator with three locations in the San Francisco Bay Area. Each of their branches focuses on specific technology sectors, which include mobile, IoT, big data/cloud, clean energy, biotechnology, healthcare etc.
Their 11 sister incubators are located in Los Angeles, Boston, Munich (Germany), Toronto (Canada), Beijing (China) and Shenzhen (China). This global perspective allows them to reach an abundant pool of quality startups and leverage resources across different regions.
Co-presenter Ding Ding TV is a global media company bringing millions of technology leaders and learners to a place of sharing, to achieve dreams and a global presence.
TEEC is the third co-presenter of this conference. They are a Silicon Valley based super angel fund operated by a team of veteran entrepreneurs or executives with deep investment experience. Within their ecosystem of a hundred portfolio CEOs are Tsinghua Entrepreneur & Executive Club (TEEC) networks elite accelerators, and top-notch universities.

And the co-organizer of the SV Entrepreneur Festival is US China Business Summit. This international consortium brings American and Chinese students with varying interests together for cross-cultural learning and interaction.

2016 Silicon Valley Entrepreneur Festival Organizing Committee
  • Silicon Valley Innovation Channel “Ding Ding TV”
  • Hanhai International
  • TEEC
  • US China Business Summit
  • A committed team of technology leaders and community influentials
Ding Ding TV
Ding Ding TV is the first Chinese American Internet TV station to focus on content and connection for global entrepreneurs, devoted to bringing out and enhancing the understanding by viewers of our interdependent global communities. Ding Ding TV has being positioned as a hub, bridge and platform for US-China business relations. Ding Ding TV has created more than 1,000,000 video content pages, branding these shows: Innovation Dialog, Battle Silicon and Tech News. These regular programs are delivered through multiple channels in US and China, covering an audience estimated at 200 million. Ding Ding TV is a trustworthy brand for high tech professionals and innovators in Silicon Valley and all over the world, adhering to the highest ethical and professional practices.
Hanhai Holding
Hanhai Holding is a high-tech investment management company. Since its establishment, every step of its development and progress has been supported and helped through the embodiment of hard work and wisdom from all walks of life. On behalf of all my colleagues, I would like to extend our heartfelt gratitude and the highest respect to all friends that have been involved in supporting the development of the Company.
In recent years, Hanhai Holding have been making efforts to build an international science and technology service platform that “hatches globally for cross-border acceleration”. In China, we have established five national-level technology incubators with 300,000 square meters technological parks, linking global innovation resources to achieve cross-border acceleration. In other countries, we have established and run a Sino-US Park, Sino-German Park, Sino-Canadian Park, etc., to explore and lead the international development of China’s technology incubators continuously. 
China-US Business Summit
Founded in 2009, the China-US Business Summit is a non-profit organization dedicated to enhancing business cooperation and cultural communication between China and the United States. We are committed to:
  1. building a platform for communication and cooperation between small and medium-sized enterprises in China and the USA;
  2.  promoting Chinese entrepreneurship and corporate culture; and
  3.  enhancing mutual understanding and economic integration.
In doing so, the Summit seeks to integrate resources from both nations, spreading their excellent enterprise cultures in order to build a non-governmental ground where enterprises from the two countries may meet, providing comprehensive services for Chinese and American enterprises that seek overseas cooperation. Meanwhile, we host an annual event designed to connect Chinese investors and local professionals to help them find business projects and investment opportunities in the U.S., and have had ample success.


Dummy Time
Grand Ball Room

8:30AM Registration, Coffee and Networking, Chinese Drum Repertoire

9:00AM Master of Ceremony – Gina Smith

9:05AM Proclamation
Hanguang Wang, Chair, SVEF
Diana Ding, Qun Shen, Co-Chair, SVEF

9:20AM Launching Ceremony and Greetings-Hanguang Wang, Diana Ding, Qun Shen, Jun Yang, Del Christensen, Rahim Amidi, Jinlong Li, Sandy Chau, Frank Tan

9:35AM Keynote Speech – “Integrated Cloud Application and Platform Service by Luke Kowalski, VP, Corporate Architecture Group, Oracle Corp.

10:00AM Keynote Speech – “How a University Can Stimulate Regional Economic Growth Through Startup Creation” by Regis B. Kelly, Director of QB3, Byers Family Distinguished Professor

10:25AM Keynote Speech – “Technology Investments and Innovation” by Shoucheng Zhang, Professor of Stanford University, fellow of the American Physical Society and a fellow of the American Academy of Arts and Sciences

10:50AM Keynote Speech – “Technology sectors trends and capital market outlook” by Collin Stewart , Head of Global Capital Market Technology/Vice Chairman ,Morgan Stanly

11:15AM Keynote Speech – “Journey of a Serial Entrepreneur” by Rehan Jalil, Founder & CEO, Elastica

11:45AM Brief Message from SVEF Sponsors

12:00AM Lunch

Track 1 – Technology
Grand Ball Room

1:30PM Keynote Speech by Allan Lee, CEO of Beijing Battletimes

1:45PM Panel Discussion – “The Race of VR content” by Maya Zuckerman (MC), Allan Lee, CEO of Battle Times; Bill Wang, VP of Perfect world; Brandon Farwell, Partner of Rothenberg Ventures; Jennifer Duong, Director of VR at 1215 Creative, Co-Founder at SH//FT

2:20PM Keynote Speech – “Cloud Without Border” by Derek Wang, Chief Cloud Architect of Alibaba Cloud International

2:40PM Panel Discussion – “EduTech” by Joy Chen(MC), Tom Kosnik, Professor of Stanford University; Kyle Stirling, professor of Indiana University; P.K. Agarwal, CEO of Northeastern University; Alon Amit, Co-Founder of Origami Logic

3:15PM Battle Silicon Startup Pitches
Moderator: Leslie Yuan
Psychologist: Weichien Lee
Judge Group 1 : Peter Hsieh, Erika Kikuchi ,Canice Wu, James Zhang, Howard Chau
Judge Group 2: Ray Wu, Dave Mosby, Eugene Zhang, Richard Xu

4:45 PM Two Youth Entrepreneurs – Julia and Emmanuel

Track 2 – Capital Investment and Technology Innovation
Grand Ball Room

1:30PM Keynote Speech by Jun Wu, Partner of Amino Capital

1:50PM Panel Discussion – “Cross Border IPO M&A” by Hui Xu(MC), Raymond Yang, Co-Founder and Managing Partner of WestSummit Capital; Bobby Chao, founding managing director of DFJ DragonFund; Mark Voll, CFO OF Aquantia; Jimmy Lee, Managing Partner of CEC Capital Management

2:25PM Keynote Speech – “IP, the Risk and the Value” by Xiaoling Duan, Senior Partner of Wan Hui Da

2:40PM Panel Discussion – “Trends in Investments” by Praveen Gupta (MC), Eugene Zhang, General Partner and founding member of TEEC Angel Fund; Richard Xu, , Founding Partner of Alpha Startups; Sanjit Dang, Investment Director at Intel Capital; Ray Wu, Paterner of Skychee Venture

3:10PM Keynote Speech – “Gaining Access to US Tech Ecosystem” by Todd Elsberg, Founder and Managing Partner of Pro-Rataventures

3:25PM Panel Discussion – “Hanhai’s Founder’s Forum – Opportunities and Challenges for Startups in the Global Economy” by Jay L. Pomerantz (MC),Partner of Fenwick & West LLP; Allan Zhang, CEO of Trustlook; Felix Zhao, CEO Of Cassia; Hao Zhong, CEO of ScaleFlux; Drew Garcia, CEO of SyncUp; Zongqiang Yu, CEO of Xtal; Shawn Peng, CEO of Svision

4:15PM Keynote Speech – “The Augmented reality Opportunity: Bringing Superpowers to the People” by Ori Inbar / Chairman of AWE

4:30PM Panel Discussion – “Multi-Culture Investments” by Chuan Wang(MC), LukeTang, General Manager of TechCode Accelerator (US); Stephany Yu, founder and chairman of Greencourt Group; William Shi, Managing Partner of Fude Ventures

Track 3 – Precision Medicine, Innovation and Entrepreneurship
Grand Salon

1:30PM Keynote Speech – “Enable Precision Data for Precision Medicine” by Jun Ye, CEO of Sentieon Inc

2:00PM Panel Discussion – “Precision medicine industry and investment opportunity” by Miao Hong(MC) , Executive Principal of CL Institute of Innovation;Hui Tian, VP of Roche Group;Yongmei Ji, Principal of WuXi Healthcare Ventures;Jun Ye, CEO of Sentieon Inc.

2:50PM Keynote Speech – “The importance of an IP Strategy for Global Technology Companies” by Barry Taylor, Partner of Wilson Sonsini Godrich & Rosati

3:20PM Panel Discussion – “Woman Leadership – Leadership Pipeline of Female Entrepreneurs in Silicon Valley”by Martine B. Peetermans(MC), Deanna Kosaraju, CEO of Tico Coffee Roasters; Mariana Faerron, CEO of Global Tech Women; Sheela Sukumaran, Angel Investor of Pipeline Fellows; Donna Novitsky, CEO of Yiftee-Local Gifts

4:20PM Panel Discussion – “Investment Ecosystem” by Dave Mosby(MC), Sandy Chau, Founder of Acorn Campus Ventures and Suma Ventures; Qing Liu, Executive President of Jiangsu Industrial Technology Research Institute

Grand Ball Room

7:00PM Cocktail Party

7:30PM Awards/Recognition

7:45PM Entertainment: Calligraphy by Hanguang Wang
Songs by Weiguang Dang
Bollywood Dances by Kazoua Yang

8:20PM Net Working

  • : 28/04/2016 09:00
  • : Sofitel Luxury Hotels 223 Twin Dolphin Dr, Redwood City, CA 94065
  • : Hanhai Holding, Ding Ding TV, China-US Business Summit
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