Welcome to the Santa Clara Chamber Political Action Committee 2016 interviews of candidates for the offices of Santa Clara City Council, Police Chief, City Clerk and School Board.


The purpose of these interviews is to provide a recorded history of the candidates’ answers to current issues affecting our community and make them available to the community to view. The answers will be evaluated in terms of effects on our business environment, quality of life and standards of educations.


We feel that all of these make up the environment in which a business large or small will operate in Santa Clara.


The candidate will be given up to a minute and a half to provide their platform and balance of the time will be spent in a question and answer session made up of business/PAC leaders and candidate.



In March of 2010, the Santa Clara Chamber of Commerce & Convention-Visitors Bureau Board of Directors approved the formation of the Santa Clara Chamber Political Action Committee (SCCPAC).

The mission of the committee is to review, research and recommend support of and/or opposition to proposed ballot measures and legislation, ordinances and other actions of local, county and state governmental bodies.  It is also the responsibility of this committee to seek out, evaluate qualifications of and endorse those candidates who are running for public office at the local, county and state level, who support the free enterprise system, believe in fiscally responsible government and whose views represent the interests of the business community.  David D. Tobkin and Dave DeLozier are the Co-Chairs of the SCCPAC.

The Santa Clara Chamber PAC is a separately funded organization from the Chamber.  No membership dues funds will be utilized for the PAC.  All funds collected for the SCCPAC are done through separate donations and gifts.  Pleaseclick here to be directed to the SCCPAC website.  To download the donation form for the SCCPAC, pleaseclick here. It is the hope of our Board of Directors that you will consider becoming a supporter of your local business community by contributing to the SCCPAC.

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