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March 15, 2016

The Sino-US Business Innovation Center initiative is backed by China’s National Ministry of Science and Technology as well as the Beijing municipal government.

Sino-US Business Innovation Centers are designed to facilitate a number of exchanges between China and the U.S., including those in talent, technology, and capital along with providing companies with unique cross-boarder project collaboration services. Under the principle of mutually benefiting as a result of resource sharing between Chinese and U.S. companies, Hanhai is fully committed to the promotion of international business collaboration and globalization practices. In an effort to accelerate global economic development, driven by the spirit of innovation and entrepreneurship, Hanhai is creating an innovative, entrepreneurial environment and global incubation service platform benefiting Chinese and U.S. companies both locally and around the world. In recent years, Hanhai’s Sino-US Business Incubation Centers have been developing rapidly around the world. Expanding from their Beijing headquarters to cities like Shenzhen, Chengdu, Shanghai, and Boston, together forming a comprehensive, multi-dimensional innovation service network.

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