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March 23, 2016

Shanghai GFGQ Cloud Computing Technologies, Inc. was established in 2012 The company is committed to cloud computing (Educational cloud) related technology research and development, in 2014 march, successfully listed on the board of Shanghai Equity Trust trading center E version, stock code .100192。

To meet the market demand, our company German Hasso Plantner Institude(HPI)developed a brand new MOOC technology. With this technique, we can realize remote collaborative work, enable users of different regions can work in their respective platforms at the same time face to face discussions, written communication, real-time interactive language video voice calls, content can be written, modify, and network switch. All video, voice, written content’s real-time storage and retrieval is a kind of brand-new system technology.

June 2014, OPENHPI won the European Brandenburg gold award, this award is the most authoritative award in education circles, equivalent to the Oscar gold medal, and the United Nations paid high attention to this case. In October,2014, our company signed with United Nations at the global urban information conference. For the United Nations to create a custom MOOC OPENUNE platform for the entire human service, it is expected there will be hundreds of millions of people register in 2016, up to 1 billion in 2018, UNE OPEN will be officially launched in February 10, 2015.

The platform is widely used in Chinese education for the disabled, according to statistics there are about 80 million Chinese people with disabilities, of which 30 million are during the working-age segment, Its distinguishing feature is “home learning, home employment”.
Our platform can meet this urgent demand under the current situation. Our company has CDPF projects in operation, is based on e-commerce as a media to create online and offline trading platform. The company has signed a contract with the CDPF Songjiang, and trial operation in Songjiang District, the effect is a good response. CDPF pay for the service as each one learning to solve their employment. We plan to promote and run the platform in 10 districts and 18 parks in Shanghai, vertically build the Pearl River Delta industry chain.

Using MOOC platform technology of online vocational education training can reduce education venue rental, teachers’ labor and advertising costs, and better educational services for life. Include: vocational skills training, UN small language training, Chinese language education and training, Our company has achieved cooperative intention with the Shanghai Stock Exchange (gold trading training), New Oriental, Angli education of Chiao Tung University and other institutions .

Our MOOC platform has a strong bearing and concurrent advantages in the technology, with a professional consulting and technical team supporting. Our company has passed a long period of application validation in the field of education and business. The platform can meet 100 million registered users (online registration), we plan to provide 1 billion online users running smoothly in 2018.

Our MOOC platform has been highly praised and valued by the United Nations, in 2014, the UN secretary-general inspected our company twice and supported our company to improve market expand based on our company’s current technology ,resources and business mode. In the end of 2014,the company cooperate with the German Plantner Institude Hasso (HPI) and the United Nations Institute for training and research cooperation for the Chinese industry training industry 4.0. Relay 2015, 2016 and 2017 industry 4.0 training and communication mission.

Company has a good cooperation relationship with three suppliers (China Telecom, China Mobile, China Unicom), we also accumulate a wealth of project operation experience and business reputation in the IDC service. Our company plan to build 20 thousand cabinets in Yuntian Road,Baoshan district,Shanghai in 2015,2016,2017. The first session of 6000 cabinets has already started and Officially put into operation in March 2015.The major customers of the business currently are Qihoo 360, Ali cloud, Weichat, to where net, Westone,, YY voice. According to the IDC business growth and business intention in the next few years and a lot of customer needs from information industry market, the company specific construction plan:


2015 – 7000 cabinets
2016 – 7000 cabinets
2017 – 6000 cabinets
Technology and cost advantage:

Company’s IDC service project Spontaneous electric, triple power supply mode, the cost of electricity is reduced; the required plant and land of the project are owned by the company. It is expected there will produce over 1.5 billion annual income after the project(20 thousand cabinets) finish and put into the market, net profit accounted for 25%. High speed broadband access (Broadband access) – once the company’s major business such as trading and other use IDC to achieve, the connection speed will become an important factor.

Company management structure:
Implement the full responsibility of the board of directors under the unified leadership of the shareholders. Our company follows the idea that talent resource is the first important resource, we use scientific and feasible procedure to protect our successful construction of a strong management team and professional technical team. Most of them come from the industry’s well-known operational team, not only familiar with the application of Internet services and operational processes, but also have a deep and unique understanding on the mobile Internet application technology and operational ideas. At the same time, the company also has China University of Science and Technology, Shanghai University, China University of Mining and Technology, University of Potsdam, Germany HPI Information Technology System Engineering Research Institute, SAP Institute of China, the United Nations Training Institute and other senior technical personnel as a powerful technical support.

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