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April 13, 2017

LocalBizNetwork, LLC was formed in 1999 to help small business owners with
Online Solutions. The company has grown into a global small business
organization from its humble Silicon Valley roots. LocalBizNetwork, LLC has
partnered with various small business organizations throughout the world to
build a marketing platform that will help the business owner become more
visible in the online world.
Whether domestically or internationally, LocalBizNetwork, LLC can help small
business owners gain credibility and develop the skills necessary to
overcome technology barriers and compete in an ever changing environment
dominated by Google.
As a member of LocalBizNetwork, LLC small business owners are seen as an
industry leader, generating more leads and retaining existing clientele.
Members enjoy being listed in one of the Premium Google Partner directories
that will help boost their website ranking on search results.
Becoming a member of LocalBizNetwork, LLC brings with it insight,
connections and prestige. It is a benefit for every small business owner.
Connect with other businesses and future customers while gaining vital
information on Website Design and Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Online
Visibility etc. to help grow your small business.

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