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March 29, 2017 is a specialized media covering on internet finance of the world and China. As the unique existence in Chinese financial media industry, what we really want to do is exposing the objective industry information by putting forward critical opinions.

With the goal of being the very first media of Chinese internet finance industry, we devote ourselves into the news report of fresh events by bringing immediate information both from home and overseas. What`s more, a very crucial part of our job is to interview and video shoot the CEO, specialists and scholars of internet finance industry, presenting to our website visitors in three high level video column which areThe Beauty of Capital, You Can Speak and Front Line.

And we also produced several industry well-known talk shows, Yunus in China is one of them (Muhammad Yunus is the Nobel Peace Award winner of 2006, the show`s topic is on introducing Grameen Bank in Bangladesh and exploring how can it adapt to the economic environment of China.) . MrYunus highly commented and our staffs.

Some well-known specialist and scholars had been invited for each program of our show. One of them is MrHuangzhen who is from Central University of Finance and Economics. The professionals guarantee the high quality of our shows.

Above all is our focus on news presenting, but also provides services to enterprises and journalists.

The Enterprise Service Platform`s main service content is to give publicity to the companies by pushing news and reporting. Currently we have provided our services to nearly 200 companies.

Our newly developed app YIBI is a social network tool, mainly designed for connecting journalists and enterprises. In this app, a journalist can find reporting/writing tasks and information on news release conference given by the enterprises. Now YIBI has become a new hot issue in the press circle with its convenience and good user experience.

Our full name is JinPing Media Technology Co.,Ltd. For now we have thirty employees with four departments which are newsroom, media department, technic department and administration department. Although we have now only established for nearly two years, the popularity is rush spreading. We`re the very first crowdfunded internet finance media in China and maybe that`s why has attracted the gaze of people at the beginning.

MrZhujiang is the CEO of, who formerly worked at (the most popular search engine in China). As the first person of crowdfunding for business in China, his knowledge and publicity in the industry lead the company into a bright future.

With our whole devotion, provides real opinions and services and adapts ourselves to the fast-changing internet finance industry.

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