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December 8, 2016

The predecessor of IMS New Media Business Group is “Beijing InMyShow Technology Co., Ltd.” founded by Li Meng, the person who put forward the theory of “Decentration”. There are five brands under the group: SMART, WEIQ, TopKlout, Fengli Technology and Liuda APP; the group is committing itself to creating the industrial leader taking new media as center.

IMS New Media Business Group is based on “decentralized” theoretical guidance. And be surrounded with the core of the value of new media to build a complete system which are constituted of new media marketing, internet celebrity economy investment, new media value ranklist and copyright economic management, to help electricity suppliers and new media to grow up.

Now, IMS, with Ali, Weibo, 360, uc and other first-tier Internet companies, have established a strategic partnership with absolutely advantages of the electricity business in the promotion, realization, we-media, and many other resources.

IMS has not only peer beyond the absolute advantage, more important is the sense of having a forward-looking consciousness. In the future, IMS will continue to take on the leading role in the whole industry, supply the electricity business and new media industry with the greater assistance.

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