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March 15, 2016

Hanhai Holding is a high-tech investment management company. Since its establishment, every step of its development and progress has been supported and helped through the embodiment of hard work and wisdom from all walks of life. On behalf of all my colleagues, I would like to extend our heartfelt gratitude and the highest respect to all friends that have been involved in supporting the development of the Company.

In recent years, Hanhai Holding have been making efforts to build an international science and technology service platform that “hatches globally for cross-border acceleration”. In China, we have established five national-level technology incubators with 300,000 square meters technological parks, linking global innovation resources to achieve cross-border acceleration. In other countries, we have established and run a Sino-US Park, Sino-German Park, Sino-Canadian Park, etc., to explore and lead the international development of China’s technology incubators continuously.

Moreover, Hanhai Zhiye is not just an enterprise and an undertaking, but it’s a responsibility. We will continue to implement the business philosophy of a “business that expresses thought and achieves a sense of accomplishment for one’s self and others”, remain down-to- Earth, and forge ahead to become a respected, world-class multinational group that focuses on science and technology park construction.


Established in 2003, Hanhai Holding is a high-tech conglomerate formed by science and technology experts, scholars, overseas graduates, and elites of Tsinghua University, Peking University, Renmin University, etc. Headquartered in the famous Galaxy SOHO building on Chaoyangmen Street in Dongcheng District, Hanhai Holding has developed into a world-class, multinational conglomerate focused on science and technology park construction and development. In recent years, Hanhai Holding have been making increased efforts to expand their presence globally, working to develop an international science and technology platform focused on investing in and incubating promising projects with global ambitions as well as partnering with established companies, leveraging resources from all over the world to accelerate their globalization goals.

In China, the company has since established five national science and technology incubators, including Beijing Huahai Jiye Technology Incubator, Beijing Hanchao Dacheng Technology Incubator, Beijing Hanhai Runze Technology Incubator, Beijing Hanhai Bozhi Technology Incubator, along with two International Business Innovation Centers; the Sino-US and China-Canada Enterprise Innovation Centers. Following the trend of innovation and entrepreneurship, Hanhai Zhiye has set up a number of co-working/business consulting, investment, and incubation offices scattered across major entrepreneurial hubs around the globe. With over 300,000 square meters of technological parks located in China, US, Canada and Germany, the company has effectively consolidated various global and innovative resources to create a cross-boarder, international business investment and acceleration platform.

A strong global presence coupled with numerous highly advantageous and key strategic partnerships such as that with the Midas Worldwide Group, Hanhai Zhiye is growing to become a respected, world-class, multinational group, continuously exploring new avenues for international cooperation and leading the way in the construction and development of Chinese backed science and technology parks around the world.


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