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April 14, 2016

Ding Ding TV is the first Chinese American Internet TV channel to focus on content and connection for global entrepreneurs, devoted to bringing out and enhancing the understanding by viewers of our interdependent global communities. Ding Ding TV has being positioned as a hub, bridge and platform for US-China business relations. Ding Ding TV has created more than 100,000 video and multimedia content pages, branding these shows: Innovation Dialog, Battle Silicon and Tech News. These regular programs are delivered through multiple channels in US and China, covering an audience estimated at 200 million. Ding Ding TV is a trustworthy brand for high tech professionals and innovators in Silicon Valley and all over the world, adhering to the highest ethical and professional practices.

Diana WeiPing Ding:
Founder & CEO of Silicon Valley Innovation Channel — Ding Ding TV,the first Chinese American Internet TV, focus on high tech and innovation. Award-winning and innovative Program Director, radio and television personality. Created more than 3000 TV shows and radio shows during her 12 years media career. Created the first Chinese TV show covers Innovation and high-tech in Northern California “Innovation Dialog”, Created  the first Chinese reality television show Battle Silicon in US, serves as a bridge between the business environments of the United States and China. both won the most distinguished TV show of 2012  and best TV show of 2013 from NCCMA. She invited speaker and host of prestigious community galas.    2006: Awarded as Asian American Hero from Santa Clara County.   2012: Honored as the most distinguished TV show from N. California Chinese Media Association. Innovation Dialog    2013: Honored as the best TV show from N. California Chinese Media Association. Battle Silicon    2005: Honored as Best Radio Program from N. California Chinese Media Association. Amazing Diana    2003: Won first prize SingTao Chinese Radio DJ competition.
Innovation Dialog:



Innovation Dialog  is working on bringing the best and brightest ideas and initiative, which will showcase innovations in both countries USA & China. This show is attempting to clarify the misperception, and promote collaborations and ideas exchange between the two countries. Innovation Dialog brings stories from the front line of the fierce competition between Silicon valley innovation drivers, and China`s new generation. We believe that collaboration and cutting edge entrepreneurship can go together. <Innovation Dialog> aired on U-Channel 1.9, 10:30 pm each Thursday and 10:30am eache Friday.

If you want to create video, please call 408 220 3099 or Email: info@DingDing.TV, Sandy@DingDing.TV

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