China Mainland Media Research Co., Ltd. (CMMR)

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March 23, 2016

China Mainland Media Research Co., Ltd. (CMMR) is one of the most authentic and professional media audience research advisory company in mainland China. It is a subsidiary of the China Mainland Marketing Research Co., dedicated to the media industry, valuing all aspects of scientific, timely data while supporting professional, in-depth research and consulting services. CMMR is not affiliated with any media, authoritative, independent third-parties, ensuring objective research data. CMMR is one of the pioneers of media research and professional institutions in the Mainland China with over 15 years of television and radio media propagation. Their audience research experiences and their television coverage of the data provided by the mass media is held as an example of effectiveness as well as the highest value of advertising industry standards. For those 15 years, CMMR has acquired nearly 100 central, provincial, and foreign television media platforms, providing a series of professional communication paths. CMMR has a powerful database, comparable to hundreds of international and domestic advertising agencies and advertisers. They are able to provide professional media propagation paths as well as audience research data to support the ever growing advertising market.

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