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March 15, 2016


Alpha Startups is founded by a three-time founder and entrepreneur who led the company’s NASDAQ IPO, and an early investor who has incubated 60+ Internet companies in four years and co-managing partner of the most successful incubator in China.

From Day 1, we have structured Alpha Startups in a unique way to help founders grow from 0 to 1. We handpicked the fund investors who enhance our industry resources. We staffed the team with data scientists, industry BD veterans, marketing gurus and community experts. No investment analysts. We partner with Internet platform companies to give our founders unique advantages. We provide startups free workspace and have made numerous detailed designs for Alpha Startup office to serve founding teams.

Alpha Startups


We provide the first institutional capital to startups. However, capital is the least that we can help founders with. In fact, if the only thing we can help is investing money, we will not invest. This is because capital is not what matters the most to a successful startup in its first 12 to 18 months. At Alpha Startups, we help founders build a MVP faster, to acquire unfair growth advantages by leveraging Alpha’s BD and marketing resources, to learn rapidly from a close founder community and seasoned mentors, and to secure next round capital with well-planned strategies and demo events.

Unlike other multi-stage investors, Alpha Startups is laser-focused on seed and angel stage. This focus enables us to devote all our institutional resources to solving the unique challenges faced by founders in their first 12 months. This focus also gives our founders the freedom to choose any 3rd party VCs for next round without any conflict of interest.

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