Ding Ding TV Studio

Ding Ding TV Studio has multifunction, TV shows, web videos recording;

Penal discussion & Seminar;

Webinar & Remote Education;

Small concert and conference;

Live stream and interaction;

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Ding Ding TV Programs

We have produced thousands of video programs on TV, online and on different platforms.

Those videos are making positive in pact in the world.

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Ding Ding TV Producer

Award winning producer and host. Professional crew. Put your thoughts together, summarize your point, present your idea in an efficient and unique way.

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Corporate Videos & Commercial

Our commercial and corporate video offerings include TV commercials, internet videos, inter-office communication and training videos, and much more! Our team is comprised of...

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On Location Video Service

Ding Ding TV provide efficient, High quality, low cost video service to events, live stream, upload on Youtube, Promote on-line, Basic editing within 24 hours.

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Tel: 408-244 8883,  408- 220 3099, 408 396 2601

Email: info@dingding.tv    meiya@dingding.tv    sandy@dingding.tv

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